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A good pelvic examination is an important step to ensure a gynecological wellbeing. Menstrual irregularities, lower abdominal cramps, abnormal vaginal discharge, inflammatory lesions in the genital areas could not only affect the women but also her fertility status and poses a risk of transmitting the infections to their partners. The male partners are also evaluated at the same time. A thorough screening for pelvic infections, screening for cervical and endometrial cancers are routinely done to diagnose any disease if at all at an early stage such that the right treatment can be initiated at an early stage.

Holistic fertility health:

A state of mental and physical wellbeing can only be attained if one is contended with one’s inner self. There is stress in everybody’s life and knowing how to deal with it can ease a lot of problems. A fertile mind resides in a healthy body. Approaches like good food habits, exercise and lifestyle modifications, yoga, meditation, alternative therapies like acupressure and regular counseling sessions to deal with problems can help attain the achievable.

Endoscopy procedures:

Gynecological endoscopy procedures like hysteroscopy and laparoscopy forms an important part of any fertility and gynecological center. Fibroids, endometriosis (chocolate cyst), endometrial polyps, uterine abnormalities like uterine septum can be endoscopically corrected. Fertility enhancing procedures like tubal cannulation for blocked tubes, hysteroscopy metroplasty for thin endometrial lining can also enhance reproductive outcomes.