I once had a call from a frustrated patient. It was during our grand opening (or pre-opening) promotion time, when we have had the lowest price for ICSI/IVF in the UAE according to my knowledge. He had spent some thousands of dirhams more than he had anticipated initially, despite us being very transparent about our prices and what is included in the packages and what is not.

Our dialogue over the phone went something like the following:

Patient: We are not very rich, we didn’t know that the bill would come to this price. We have taken a credit loan for this procedure. We really want to have a baby.

Me: You know, sir, I probably shouldn’t be saying this as a business director… but as a person to person… I don’t think IVF is something you should take a loan for.

Patient: Well, sir, with all due respect, it is not up to you to decide.

It was his life, his choice to make, and his responsibility to carry.

However, it is commonly known, that IVF success rates are 40% on average. To put in simpler terms, 50% is either “yes” or “no”; 40% is more probably “no” than “yes”.

A heart-breaking story, indeed.

I’d spoken to Dr. Amal herself about it. She nodded in agreement with my concern. Although, what else could we do for the couple, other than provide them with a World-class healthcare with the best IVF equipment in the country?

Fast forward a few months. We are launching a charity IVF / ICSI programme, where any family with no children, residing in the UAE, who is incapable of affording fertility treatment, can apply for a total (within the scope of services provided at our facility) fertility treatment (including ICSI / IVF) free of charge!

If you would like to enlist your family for a chance of being selected for this charitable gift, please carefully follow the terms below.

Warmest wishes and best of luck to all the applicants!

Sami Hola

Business Director

Terms & Conditions :

In order to apply, please download and fill out the form below, sign it together with your spouse. Send it to us, along with: the family photographmarriage certificateEmirates ID (husband’s and wife’s), and salary certificates (signed and stamped, on the official company letterhead) from your and your spouse’s jobs (if the spouse is under your visa, then, just from your job).

The applicants must not have: credit, mortgage, loan, or be in any other kind of interest deductible debt.

Write us an email with your story and why you think your family should be selected to be treated. Please send your emails to: Warning: Messages sent to other mailboxes will be discarded and the applicants could be blocked from participating in the project. Do not attempt to contact us through channels other than the above, lest you be disqualified.

Please do not send us duplicate messages, unless you forgot to attach any documents or if you hadn’t received an auto-reply message from us.

Selected successful candidates will be contacted and offered a chance to participate.

ICSI IVF Charity Registration Form

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